Developing with Kairos

API Changelog

  • We have a big enhancement being released today. We have rewritten our entire facial recognition backend in Go!
  • What does this mean for you? Not much other than expect to see much more consistent results, and vastly improved response times across all API calls!
  • We also added two new parameters, "show_uploaded_image" which when set to "true" will include a 1 hour temporary URL where you can retrieve the image that was just sent in for the /enroll call.
  • The other parameter that was added is called "show_candidate_images" which when set to "true" will send you a temporary URL for each candidate that appears in a /recognize call. This was a hotly requested feature that we are glad to be able to deliver for you.
  • Note: We did correct an issue with the /enroll call where the "face_id" parameter was returning an integer and not the correct face_id corresponding to what appears in the /recognize call. This has been corrected and a string is now returned.
  • Based on your feedback, we have added the uploaded_image_url to the /verify, /enroll, and /recognize methods!
  • Note that this URL is only good for one hour after it has been created.
  • Look for more new features in this area coming very soon!
  • We have added the eyeDistance metric to the /verify, /enroll, and /recognize methods!
  • New major enhancement to the accuracy of the facial recognition engine
  • You should notice a big speed increase for repeated /recognize requests to the same gallery
  • You asked for it, we listened. You can now remove a single face from a subject_id without removing the entire subject!
  • Check out the new View subject method to see the face IDs enrolled for a particular subject
  • You can now pass in a face_id to the Remove subject method to remove just one face from a subject
  • The face_id is now passed back to you when you issues an Enroll request
  • We have added a "maleConfidence" and "femaleConfidence" values to the /detect method
  • Added a detector for lips (Together, or Apart) to our face recognition API
  • Added a detector for glasses (Sun, Eye or None) to our face recognition API
  • More improvements to speed when performing recognize operations on very large galleries.
  • Proud to announce some big upgrades today to our face recognition API.
  • Ethnicity detection added to /enroll and /detect methods.
  • Improved performance in both accuracy and speed of /recognize and /verify operations.
  • Added a new face "quality" metric to let you know how well your image will perform for later recognition or verification.
  • We have added a new "form upload" capability to the face recogition API in addition to passing in images as URLs and Base64 encoded.
  • We have made some performance enhancements to our face recognition API. You should see dramatic improvements in speed when searching very large galleries.
  • We have added a direct file upload option to our JavaScript and PHP Face Recognition client libraries .
  • Added a completely revamped and improved high performance face recognition engine available to all users.
  • Age and Gender detection now available for all face recognition users.
  • Released version 2 of our Emotion API now with age, gender, 6 emotions and more.
  • API examples updated with improved visualizations for our Emotion API.
  • One to one face recognition verification is now available with our /verify method for our Enterprise Plan customers. See the docs here.
  • Check out our new API examples for our Emotion API. Watch this space for more to come soon!
  • We have released our new Emotion API. You are able to receive detailed facial analysis on videos sent into our new /media endpoints. See our new Emotion API documentation site.
  • Added new gallery/remove method to the API and SDKs which will enable you to remove all the subjects in a gallery with one call and remove the gallery itself
  • Gender detection now available in all face methods
  • PHP SDK now available
  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) support added to the API
  • We now automatically rotate incoming photos
  • Added a parameter for minHeadScale to enable detection of images where the heads take up a small portion of the overall image
  • Added ability to process multiple faces during enroll
  • Added ability to accept and auto-detect a URL or Base64 image using the image parameter
  • url parameter deprecated
  • Added selector parameter to enroll and recognize methods
  • Added symmetricFill parameter for all face methods
  • iOS SDK available
  • Second Ruby gem wrapper for Kairos ID available
  • New lower pricing and increased API call limits
  • New workflow for enroll and recognize, no longer need to call detect prior
  • New gallery methods added for managing your galleries
  • Base64 encoded images can now be submitted to the API
  • Kairos ID generally available
  • Detect, enroll and recognize methods for 2D to 3D facial recognition