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We’re excited to announce the Kairos Protocol™— a new way to leverage the benefits of Kairos Face Biometrics, and the new standard in Identity Verification for dApps. (Links to code at the end of this article).


With just a few lines of code, developers can integrate state-of-the-art facial recognition with their dApps. Ensuring that face recognition technology remains inclusive, accessible, and accountable is our our priority and our mission. We’ve developed this protocol to improve our industry by making natural identity usable and safe— for everyone. This alpha release will expand greatly in the coming months. Our goal is to root Kairos Protocol™ as an identity standard to benefit the entire industry.

The Kairos Protocol™ consists of the following:

  • Open-sourced Human Identity Interface™
  • Kairos Face Recognition API endpoints

"Today more than ever people want access to trusted experiences, especially when it comes to making high-value transactions," said Brian Brackeen, CEO of Kairos. "And that access shouldn’t be exclusive to only the wealthy or priviledged. By democratizing our face recognition technology through the Kairos Protocol™, we hope to provide inclusive, frictionless identity options for all types of blockchain businesses. With the proliferation of decentralized services, it felt like the perfect community to launch into— the growth and passion of this industry is evidence that we can play a key role in accelerating the disruption of decades-old identity technology and corporate inertia."


Screenshot of the Kairos Identity Wallet using face recognition to verify a user

^ Using face recognition to protect cryptocurrency transactions through a digital wallet

Why go with Kairos?

The Kairos Protocol™ gives you the opportunity to integrate the future of identity verification into your projects. Automate onboarding, improve accessibility, and reduce fraud— all with a design that preserves anonymity while suffocating malicious intent.

# Our technology is kinda magical

With years of frontline commercial experience, our R&D team are some of the best Deep Learning talents in the world. Our dedication to understanding the human face enables Kairos to yield the fastest and most accurate results for any scenario. Sometimes we even surprise ourselves!

# Your developers will love us

You can be a Face Recognition expert. Well, not really, but it will certainly look like it! You can integrate Kairos into your dApps with just a few lines of code— because we’ve done the expert work for you. And getting started with our platform is pain-free. Access either our cloud and on-premise face recognition via a one common interface. No complicated set-up required.

# We care about our customers

In fact, we’re pretty obsessed with making everything our customers build a success. This philosophy flows through the whole company— no matter who you engage with you’ll meet professional, experienced humans willing to go the extra mile. We’re motivated by what will benefit your short and long term goals, even when that means being on the end of the phone at 2am on a Saturday! You just bring the coffee.

# Value beyond price

We consider our pricing the most adaptable and intelligent on the market . We understand that before a major expansion phase can happen, there’s the need for testing and growth— even within the maturest of companies. So in addition to our open-source code bases, we offer a fully functioning free trial of our face recognition to help you. By dedicating ourselves to offering the highest quality product and the best service— our value to you truly lies in the way we value ourselves!

# Partners, welcome aboard

We’re always on the look-out for collaborations . If you think we’re destined to create something great together, drop us a line— we’d love to make innovative blockchain babies with you.


Why we built the Kairos Protocol™

We built Kairos Protocol™ because legit digital transactions require legit digital identity solutions. Blockchain technology has enabled its users to securely and efficiently store value, without it being tied to a physical identity— which represents ownership without divulging the owner’s true identity. This is a powerful characteristic of blockchains that facilitates efficient and private economic activity. And who doesn’t want that?!

But here’s the catch… the pseudo-anonymous nature of these systems could be exploited by malicious users

The only requirement for a user to participate in a blockchain system is to obtain a public/private keypair— there is no other form of identity required. Malicious activity perpetrated within these systems can be extremely costly to track and respond to in the form of legal or other external actions. A malicious user could be a:

  • Hacker
  • Fraudulent market participant
  • Participant in a transaction for illicit goods or services

Kairos’ industry-leading face recognition software is optimizing, and democratizing, digital identity management on the blockchain— creating physical identification level confidence in digital identification processes. Basically, we’re proposing to introduce real world accountability to the decentralized, digital economy.

Kairos Protocol™. It’s an actual thing.

At Kairos, we like to go to market with products rather than ideas. So we built a demo that leverages the Kairos Protocol™. The result is a digital wallet initially conceived to manage our own digital token called the Kairos ID Token™.

Meet the Kairos Identity Wallet™:


Screenshot of the Kairos Identity Wallet web interface

^ Kairos Protocol™ in action: Meet the Kairos Identity Wallet™ (Ooo, get us, with all the trademarks!)

Try the alpha release:

Let’s get technical...

The ID Wallet™ is a client-side wallet dApp that implements the Kairos Protocol™ (HII™ + Kairos Face Recognition API). Users have the ability to store, send, and receive ID Tokens™, as well as issue payment requests to other ID Wallet™ users.

Why is the Human Identity Interface™ important?

Because the HII™ is a smart contract interface that defines the standard by which Kairos, and other biometric identity verification providers, interact with contracts that implement it. The HII™ is an interface (similar to ERC20) that, when implemented by a smart contract, provides identity-providers (like Kairos) the ability to interact with that smart contract programmatically and autonomously. The initial implementation of this standard interface targets the Ethereum blockchain, but could be applied in other decentralized systems in the future.


Until existing wallets have the ability to cater to ID Token™ use cases, HII™ will lead as the primary client interface used for holding and transacting ID Token™. And… Because the ID Wallet™ is available for third-party integrations via an open source SDK, adoption by mobile and traditional web applications is entirely feasible.

Projects that would benefit from a biometrically verified token payment system, but don’t necessarily have the resources to create their own, are now able to get in the game by using system.

Use cases that inspire us

While we are defining standard methods for physical identity verification, we’re also working with partners on standardized, industry-specific implementations of the Kairos Protocol™.

For instance:

  • A philanthropic decentralized application (dApp) that uses the Kairos Protocol™ for KYC/AML compliance.
  • A voting platform that uses the Kairos Protocol™ to confirm each participant follows voting rules.
  • A supply chain dApp that requires “human oracles” (humans who enter data into a blockchain) to use Kairos Protocol™ in order to disincentivize fraudulent data entry and other malicious behavior.

A compelling future for Identity

If you’re reading this in consideration of using Kairos Protocol™, you know that you are at the starting gate to the biggest race in modern history— decentralized technologies.

We appreciate the shared vision of early adopters, so we’re giving hands on walkthroughs of the Kairos Protocol™ and can help you integrate with your dApp— This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Check out the code on our GitHub:



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