Humanize your products
with face recognition



Magical accuracy, lighting speed, and advanced security.

Face Recognition Features

Line drawing of a face symbolising Kairos face detection


Find faces and landmarks such as eyes, nose and mouth in photos.

Line drawing of a group of faces symbolising Kairos identification


Search for one-to-many matches. Answers: “Who is this person?”

Line drawing of a face with a check mark symbolising Kairos verification


Search for one-to-one matches. Answers: “Is this Elizabeth?”

Line drawing of three dimensional face symbolising Kairos 2D to 3D modeling

Advanced Algorithms

Get access to one of the world's best face analysis engines.

Line drawing of a magic wand and stars symbolising Kairos auto-correction


This fixes the pose, lighting and rotation of faces in your photos.

Line drawing of some photos symbolising Kairos galleries


You can group faces for easy searching and sorting.

See How it Works

Compare two faces to test Kairos' /verify method.

Learn & Get Inspired

Line drawing of a text document symbolising Kairos API resources


Explore our full API reference.

Line drawing of a spanner and nut symbolising Kairos software development kits

Client Libraries

Start in your favorite language.

Line drawing of a badge and check mark symbolising Kairos face recognition best practices

Best Practices

Get the most out of facial recognition.

Emoticons depicting the expressions of six universal emotions

3 Steps To Successful Facial Recognition

Learn how to quickly test and deploy face recognition in your products.

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